Welded ceramic lining

It is designed for reversing, driving and tensioning drums of belt conveyors. It consists of metal plates that determine the length and shape of the lining. The rubber serves as a carrier for ceramic plates that provide high transmission power from the roller to the conveyor belt.

The welded ceramic lining of the rollers is used in heavy duty applications where is the high coefficient of friction, higher than that of the rubber liner, which makes it possible to solve the problems associated with the conveyor belt slippage under any conditions.


- quick and easy installation,

  - the possibility of operation immediately after installation,

  - installation without primer, without glue

            - perfect cleanliness is not required during work

            - easily removable with a chisel

            - mounted directly on the conveyor system
                           (if conditions allow)

  - Potential proportions of ceramics: 100% 50% 0%